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Graften One is a modern, easy-to-use and precise 3D network printer. Thanks to its high quality and aesthetics, it will satisfy even the most demanding users.

It’s a professional FDM printer that will find it wherever incremental technologies are well known and used, as well as those who want to start their adventure with this technology on a solid and reliable device. It is extremely easy to use with intuitive and dedicated software.

It is an independent workstation with a built-in and configured high quality 7 “multimedia tablet. We can also operate the printer with any other computer or mobile device that has access to the network environment of the printer without having to install software or drivers on it.

Built-in memory allows you to upload and queue up to 100 files and then print buffered items without holding down the connection to the control device.

IMG_2403 copy.jpg


- Dimensions 370x400x430 [mm]

- Technology FFF (aka FDM)

- Power supply 220-240V

- Maximum power consumption 300W

- Overall weight 16 kg

- Maximum working area 205x180x200 [mm]

- Work platform Hotbed with adjustable temperature (max 120 °C)

- Number of printheadsone printhead to 300°C (optional to 400°C)

  with 0.4 mm nozzle as standard. Can be use nozzles in sizes from

  0.2-1.0 mm. Example layer resolution using nozzles with

  a diameter of 0.2mm: from 60 microns.
- Filament diameter 1.75mm.

- Materials PLA, ABS, PLA+Graphene, PLA+ Carbon, PET, ABS+,
  HIPS, PC, PVA, TPU, Rubber, Laybrick,
  Laywood, Nylon, other composite polymers.

- Printing formats STL, AMF, G-code etc.

- Compatible systems Windows, Linux, Android etc.

- Compatibility Standard: Wi-Fi, LAN, microSD

- Case construction Welded stable construction, powder-painted      and built from aluminum/steel

- Controlling deviceHigh-end tablet 7”


– table heated to 250 ° C – € 190 with VAT

– heads up to 400 ° C – € 180 with VAT

– set of synchronous heads – € 150 with VAT

– upgrade M1 ​​to M2 – € 600 with VAT

– CMOS 5Mpx 1080p, 1Lux, 80 ° webcam for Graften One – € 240 with VAT

IMG_2389 copy.jpg



PRICE  €1662

with VAT

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