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Aluminum foil with flame retardant, good heat preservation effect, flame retardant, rub resistance, and is removable.


- Thermal insulation printing at a constant temperature

Enclosure with thermal insulation reduces the impact of low temperature on printing so that the printer works at a constant temperature

- Flame retardant, safer printing

Aluminum foil with flame retardant has high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, to print more safely.

- Easy to install and remove

You can install it very quickly, and remove it to another place.

- Delicate details

The enclosure is reliable with delicate details and high quality

- Waterproof design: Selected aluminum foil, waterproof, and windproof. Keep constant temperature printing in the enclosure under complicated conditions.

- Corner connector 3-way: Stable support with corner connector 3-way and difficult to shake.

- High-quality aluminum foil: Fine craft displays exquisite details.

- Tight zipper head: Exquisite stitches, corrosion resistance, and color fading resistance.

CREALITY 3D Printer Enclosure