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Creality CR-10 Smart: Printer got smarter. Intelligent Experience Advanced Performance Super Car Design


● Built-in WIFI function: Remote control printing anytime, anywhere
● Low Power Mode: Safe and worry-free save energy and power
● Intelligent Auto-leveling: Instant printing after initial auto-leveling
● Dual Z Axes+Dual Diagonal Drawbars: Ensure stable and precise printing
● 4.3-inch Full-view Touch Screen: Intuitive and easy-to-use
● Super Car Design: A combination design of aesthetics and technology
● Ultra-silent Design: Mute mainboard/Mute fan Low-noise power supply
●Modular Structure: 6-steps to assemble 8 minutes to complete

CREALITY CR - 10 Smart - FDM 3D Printer

  • A Bit More Intelligence:
    CR-10 Smart 3d printer supports both WIFI & RJ45 wired network connection. With the Creality Cloud APP, you can easily slice 3D models, remote control your printers, and print an object whenever and wherever with your phone.

    Ultra-silent Design:
    Self-developed 32-bit patented mute mainboard, low-noise power supply, and highly efficient cooling fans ensure a silent 3D printing experience.

    Intelligent Auto-leveling:
    With the V2.0 auto-leveling system, you can enjoy a hassle-free leveling process and instant printing after the initial auto-leveling is completed.

    Screen Protection & Auto-shutdown:
    The screen will dim if there's no manual operation in 30 mins to save power. And it's environmentally friendly.
    CR-10 Smart supports auto feeding and retreating filament which makes the process easier. The machine will auto shut down after the model is completed to save power and effort.

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