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The Flsun V400 is a Delta type 3D printer with a maximum print speed of 400mm/s. The printer has a cylindrical building volume of 300x410mm and is equipped with specially developed linear guides, each of which moves on double axes. Drive is via silent stepping motors that are connected via timing belts to the conductors.

For a fast operation, the total weight of the print head is only 400 grams. The printhead is equipped with a Volcano hotend with a maximum temperature of 300 C. Extrusion is done using a dual gear custom direct drive extruder and the hotend is also equipped with a bi metal heatbreak.

Controlling the printer is easy via a handy 7-inch color touchscreen and the pre-installed firmware 'Klipper'. The printer is equipped with a PEI flexible magnetic build plate for easy and quick removal of the printed objects.

FLSUN V400 Delta - 3D Printer

  • ● Print speed of 400mm/s

    ● Building volume of 300x410mm

    ● Volcano hotend with a maximum temperature of 300 C

    ● 7-inch color touchscreen

    ● Direct extruder


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