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The Flsun SR 3D printer is a Delta printer with a cylindrical print volume of 260mm x 330mm. Unlike most box printers/Cartesian printers which traditionally use control over each axis via a direct belt or Z-axis, a Delta printer uses three vertical axes. By adjusting the height of each axis individually, the extruder can steer in all directions (XYZ).

In the design, stepper motor driven sliders have been chosen for the three vertical axes. The connection between them is via timing belts. Using Sliders instead of Timing belts results not only in higher accuracy but also in the possibility to print at higher speeds.

The printer can be controlled by means of the handy 3.5-inch touchscreen display that operates with Marlin open source firmware which is also compatible with various slicer programs such as Cura and Repetier.

A handy calibration tool can be used to calibrate the glass print bed. This can easily be removed via a magnetic strip and the calibration itself can be started via the touchscreen.

The Flsun SR continues with a 360W power supply and exchangeable glass bed. The maximum print bed temperature that can be reached is 100°C. All electronics (except PSU) are located in the upper part of the printer.

FLSUN SR (Super Racer) Delta - 3D Printer

    • Max Print speed 200mm/s
    • Precision 0.05mm-0.3mm
    • Removable glass bed
    • 32-bit Motherboard
    • TMC2209 silent steps drivers
    • Supported file type: GCODE
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