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Creality FEP release film for 3D printer is a casting film of melt extrusion and made of high purity FEP resin (vinyl chloride propylene copolymer). It has good non-viscosity, heat resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical properties, wear resistance, etc.


The 3D release film has high transmittance, and the UV transmittance is over 95%, which makes the printed products more perfect and provides product quality.


This release film with coating uniformity and stable release force has efficient seperation for most resins; It has smooth surface, no wrinkles, scratches and bubbles, which meets release requirements of various products and can be used repeatedly.


Excellent ductility is up to 300% and good flexibility can bend 10.000 times.

Brand: Creality 3D
Product: Light-curing FEP release film
Size: 200x140x0.15mm
Flatness: 0.001mm

CREALITY FEP Release Film 200x140x0.15mm

  • High transmittance
    ●Transmittance exceeds 95%.
    High ductility 
    ●300% of ductility.
    Good flexibility 
    ● 10.000 bend test.
    Heat resistance
    ● Withstand 200°C for a long time.
    Stable relese force.
    ● Coating uniformity.
    High cleanliness 
    ● Production in no-dust workshop.
    Smooth surface
    ● No wrinkles, scratches.

  • Goods are can delivered to Rep of Ireland and  EU.  Standard Shipping between € 0.00 - 5.99 / Shopping over € 100 Free Delivery in ROI. We also ship to Great Britain and European Union, it is required to contact 3d Qube in order to determine shipping costs. Dispatch within the same working day for all orders received before our cut off time 1pm. We aim to deliver your goods as soon as possible and normally within 1 to 5 working days of your order in ROI.

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