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The Filaflex Medium-Flex filament allows making flexible and resistant parts, being also compatible with all the 3d printers of the market. The new reformulation and  Shore hardness 95A allows printing at a higher speed than any other flexible filament, and similar printing settings as PLA filaments. This material is very simple to use without making any modifications in your 3d printer



- Compatible with bowden type printers.

- High elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance
- No need for heatbed, blue-tape or buildtak surface.(for huge parts we recommend 3D lac or hairpray)
- Odorless
- Resistant to common solvents (acetone, fuel etc.)



FILAFLEX 95A Recreus 1.75 mm - 0.5 kg

€40.50 Regular Price
€31.50Sale Price

    - Net Weight : 0.50 kg

    - Temperature: 215-235 C

    - Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.04 mm

    - Print speed up to 20-120mm/s

    DIRECT DRIVE 3D PRINTERS  SUCH AS (Witbox 1,2, hephestos 2, Makerbot series)

    Layer height: 0.08-0.3 (for nozzle 0.4mm) Optimal results with height 0.2mm
    Printing speed: 45-60mm/s
    Temperature: 215-225 Celsius
    Retraction speed: 35-120mm/s
    Retraction distance: 3.5-5mm
    Traveling speed: 160-200mm/s

    BOWDEN TYPE 3D PRINTERS (Ultimaker; BCN3D Sigma, Delta etc)

    Print speed: 25-50mm/s
    Temperature: 220-235 Celsius
    Retraction speed: 10-45mm/s
    Distance Retraction: 3.5-8mm
    Traveling speed: 160-200mm/s

  • Goods are can delivered to Rep of Ireland and  EU.  Standard Shipping between € 0 - 7 / Shopping over € 100 Free Delivery in ROI. We also ship to Great Britain and European Union, it is required to contact 3d Qube in order to determine shipping costs. Dispatch within the same working day for all orders received before our cut off time 1pm. We aim to deliver your goods as soon as possible and normally within 1 to 5 working days of your order in ROI. 

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